SE & TE Earth Science books by Myrna Martin

SE & TE Earth Science Books by Myrna Martin

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Myrna Martin's Earth Science textbook includes 16 lessons about the Earth. The book contains information on plate tectonics, the rock cycle, seismic waves, ocean habitats, and volcanoes worldwide. Each chapter contains written information, a quiz, and a science activity. Beautiful pictures illustrate each chapter.

The teacher’s textbook contains an exact copy of the student textbook. Each chapter in the teacher's edition has a page of information titled Teacher’s Notes located before each lesson. The pages contain information on the chapter content, objectives of the lesson, activity information, materials for the activity, list of vocabulary words and their definitions. The answers to the quizzes are written on the quiz pages in the teacher's edition.

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Video Lessons
Myrna Martin introduces each lesson in the textbook on a video that can also be purchased on this store for instant download.  Myrna covers not only the main points in the lesson she also includes extra information on the topic that is not contained in the written material.

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