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Metamorphic Rocks Book by Myrna Martin

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Myrna Martin’s Metamorphic Rocks textbook contains 16 lessons on the formation of new rocks from older rocks. New rocks form, without melting, when they recrystallize into new rocks that are stable at higher temperatures and pressure.

Sample chapters in the textbook include Schist & Gneiss, Marble, Foliated rocks, Regional Metamorphism, and Ancient Mountains.

Sample activities include Big & Small Spaces, Slate Under Pressure, Sugar Cube Building, and Moving Tectonic Plates.

Each chapter in the book includes written information, short quiz, and a science activity. The book is illustrated with many beautiful photographs of metamorphic rocks.

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Video Lessons

Myrna Martin introduces each lesson in the textbook on a video that can also be purchased on this store for instant download or on DVD. Myrna covers not only the main points in the lesson she also includes extra information on the topic that is not contained in the written material.

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