Fun Earth Science Activity Books

Myrna Martin’s popular series of science activity books make science fun and interesting to study. The materials for the activities can usually be found around your home or at a local store.

Myrna was a science teacher for her whole career and was also inspired by doing these science activities with her own grand-children. Her teaching is always informed by this old Chinese proverb which she loves:

        “I hear, and I forget

         I see, and I remember

         I do, and I understand.”

She believes that everyone loves science activities because they help to understand basic science concepts.

Students who do lots of science activities while learning basic science concepts continue to love science as they mature. Science should always be fun and exciting for young students and our kids science activities are designed to keep kids interested in science.

Each of Myrna’s books contains 15 hands-on activities that are easy to do and fully illustrated with color pictures.

These books contain activities that are appropriate for Preschool – 2nd grade students. Teachers that have multiple grades in their classroom will find the books in this section fun and easy to do for their students.

For more details on the activities click through to each book below.

There are activity books on the following topics:  Rock & Minerals, Water Cycle, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Earth Science, Dinosaurs, Weather, and Flight.

Also available as downloadable eBooks here.  

Rock Sets

Also available from this website are rock sets which provide a hands-on experience of rocks and minerals. 

Click here to order rock sets