About the Kids Fun Science Bookstore

Ring of Fire Science Publishing is a family owned earth science textbook publisher located in Oregon. The name of our company was inspired by the term to describe a ring around the Pacific Ocean. This area is home to 70% of the world's active volcanoes and 81% of the great earthquakes. Our company is located on the Ring of Fire.

We sell earth science textbooks for students of all ages, along with videos, activity books and rock sets.  


Myrna Martin is the author of all the books and videos on this store.

Myrna became interested in Earth Science with the eruption of Mount Saint Helens. The volcano is located about 90 miles from her home. Myrna created her own lesson plans and took her sons to watch the volcano erupt. 

She and her family started their home-based business in 1998. The business began with a single rock identification kit that included a textbook and a set of volcanic rocks. Today the company has over thirty books, 10 sets of videos and seven different set of rocks for sale. 

Myrna is a prize winning author and was named Professional of the Year for Science Textbook Publishing. Her company now sells science materials world wide.

Kids Fun Science Bookstore Products

Textbooks are available in printed form and instantly downloadable ebooks. 

Videos are also instantly downloadable. 

What others are saying about Myrna Martin and Ring of Fire Science Publishing:

Myrna Martin was named the 2007 Professional of the Year for the Science Textbook Publishing Industry.

She was also named one of the top 101 Industry Experts in 2010 by Cambridge Who's Who.

The American Federation of Mineralogical Societies Junior Chairman wrote an article for the A.F.M.S. October 2012 Newsletter about Myrna and her activity based science books. He recommended her materials because of the wealth of information for all members of the society.

Myrna Martin has also published three highly acclaimed science websites: