Earth Science Textbooks

All of our popular earth science textbooks are available here in a printed version for easy use in the classroom or at home.  Click here for the instantly downloadable e-book versions.  

They are suitable for all ages.  

Every book contains 16 chapters, quizzes and activities, all illustrated with beautiful colour images.  

Printed Books: 

We bind all of our books with a spiral plastic coil that makes it easier to open and lay them flat when studying.  They are printed on high quality 8.5 x 11 inch 28 pound paper.  For details of individual books, please click on the images.  

All of our books can be shipped worldwide.  Check out our shipping rates here.  

About the Author

Award winning science writer Myrna Martin has written over 30 books on earth science since she retired from her career as a science teacher in 1998. 

She was named the 2007 Professional of the Year for the Science Textbook Publishing Industry.

She was also named one of the top 101 Industry Experts in 2010 by Cambridge Who's Who.

Her books have been used extensively in schools and for home-schooling as well as being popular for those with a general interest in earth science.