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Myrna Martin is a prize winning author and was named 'Professional of the Year' for science textbook publishing. Choose from her wide range of printed books, instantly downloadable eBooks and videos, complete course packages and rock sets.

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School Books

We have been selling our schoolbooks for over 20 years worldwide to homeschooling families and teachers. Each of our schoolbooks contain 16 chapters that include a lesson, quiz and activity. The books are designed for older students. The teacher’s manual for each chapter contains: Chapter Content, Chapter Objectives, Activity Information and Vocabulary.

Fun Science Books

Our Fun science books are designed for kids of all ages. The general books are designed for anyone who wants to read about Earth Science but does not want a textbook. There are 15 chapters the general books. Each chapter has information and an activity related to the topic.

Our Identification Series contains 4 books with 12 chapters each. The books teach kids how to identify the rocks in the rock cycle and the minerals in the rocks.

The Activity Books are designed for younger students. They are so much fun that kids of all ages love to do the activities in these books.


The videos were created by Myrna Martin to introduce information for students to watch that are not included the books.

Rock Sets

The Rock Sets are a useful accompaniment to any of our books and videos, to help bring the information to life at home or in the classroom.