Activity Collection Books

Having Fun Doing Science Activities

Your students will look forward to their science classes when they involve fun science activities.  You will like the activities in our activity books because they require little preparation and materials. 

You will like these activities

You will like these science activities because they require inexpensive materials that you can find around your home or at a nearby store. The directions are clear and easy to understand. Addional ideas for more activities are included with each activity. 

Going on a treasure hunt

Students going on a treasure hunt for materials they will need for some of their activities is a great way to get them interested in their upcoming science activities. You can give each of them their own box to collect the materials they will need. You can also keep one big box supplies needed for the science activities.

There are eight different activity books in this series. Each activity has a mini-lesson for you to use when you introduce the activity. Science behind the activity gives you additional information that you might like to know.