SE Earthquakes Book by Myrna Martin

SE Earthquakes Book by Myrna Martin

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Myrna Martin's Earthquakes textbook contains 16 lessons about how and why earthquakes occur. You will learn the reason most earthquakes occur at tectonic plate boundaries. You will find out why the Mercalli scale, Richter scale, and the moment magnitude scale are used to study earthquakes.  

Sample lessons include Seismic Waves, Faults, Seismographs, Richter Scale, Tsunamis, and the San Andreas Fault.

Sample science activities include Traveling Waves, Tin Can Seismograph, Shaky Ground, Earthquake Towers, and Slip Sliding Along.

Each chapter contains written information, a quiz and a science activity. Beautiful photographs illustrate each chapter.

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Video Lessons

Myrna Martin introduces each lesson in the textbook on a video that can also be purchased on this store for instant download.  Myrna covers not only the main points in the lesson she also includes extra information on the topic that is not contained in the written material.

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