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RXS Set of Earth Science Rocks

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Earth is one of four rocky planets that orbits the Sun. The outer layer of the Earth is the crust. It is made of rigid rocks.

Our set of 12 Earth Science rocks includes igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, and metamorphic rocks. Students can collect their own rocks near rivers, at the beach, and on the slopes of a mountain.

Activity 4 in our SE Earth Science book includes pictures and information about each of the rocks below. Each kit also has a 20 X power mini microscope.

Lava rock
Intrusive rock
Plutonic rock
Welded tuff
Beach rock

Petrified wood

It is much easier for students to learn rock identification when they hold rocks in their hands instead of only looking at pictures in their books.

As students pick up and look at their rocks it helps them remember differences and similarities of each rock. 

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Myrna taught Earth Science in public schools for a number of years. She introduced the topic of each science lesson at the beginning of the class. The video lessons are similar to the introductions she did in her classrooms. Each introduction is about 10 to 12 minutes long.

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This set of rocks are designed to be used with the textbooks and videos by Myrna Martin that are available on this site. 

Rocks are sent by First Class mail or USPS Priority Mail

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