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RXS Set of Metamorphic Rocks

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Metamorphic rocks are rocks of change. All 12 of these metamorphic rocks were derived from parent rocks that changed primarily due to heat and pressure when continental plates collided.  

Muscovite mica
Granite gneiss
Diorite gneiss

Dolomitic marble
Anthracite coal

Our set of metamorphic rocks includes each of the rocks listed above plus a 20 X power mini microscope.

It is much easier for students to learn how to identify metamorphic rocks when they can handle the individual rocks in this set. They can also look closely at each rock with their mini microscope. The metamorphic rock textbooks include an activity with pictures and information about each rock in the kit. 

As students pick up and look at the rocks in this kit it will help them to remember differences and similarities of new metamorphic rocks they find. It will help students to identify rocks near their home and when they are on vacation. 

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Myrna taught Earth Science in public schools for a number of years. She introduced the topic of each science lesson at the beginning of the class. The video lessons are similar to the introductions she did in her classrooms. Each introduction is about 10 to 12 minutes long.

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This set of rocks is designed to be used with the textbooks and videos by Myrna Martin available on this website.

Rocks are sent by First Class mail or USPS Priority Mail.

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